Module 2

“Structure and functioning of the vocal apparatus”

Main acoustic, physiological and psychological knowledge of the voice apparatus.
Breathing apparatus. Larynx and vocal folds. Resonator system. Articulating apparatus.
Voice classification, voice type determination.
Sound timbre. Registers. Range. Theories of phonation.
How is the voice different from another musical instrument?
Vocal exercises and their significance for voice training.
Vocalizations and their variety.
Breathing training.
Neutralization of vowels in the process of teaching singing.
Training of diction and articulation.
Nuances and interpretation.
What are the so-called “string knots”?
Laryngeal diseases and their consequences.
Singing defects and their elimination options.

Associate Professor Eglė Juozapaitienė
Docent Rolandas Aidukas

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Training date: 21/01/2023

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Vocal exercises “We sing while playing, we play while singing.”