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Rasa Pletaitė Junokienė

Module I

Excellent seminar, excellent practical advice, I was especially impressed by working with a disabled girl.

Laimutė Kačanauskienė

Module I

A very useful, interesting, professional high-level seminar. Lucky students who have such great teachers.

Kristina Serapinienė 

I am very happy and grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus+ project, Innovative methodology for singing teachers. The training was very interesting and useful. When watching from the side, you can clearly see the mistakes of the singers, which were excellently and professionally commented by the training teachers. By observing, you can recognize mistakes that are characteristic of you personally. I hope that there will be more such projects in the future.

Irina Borodenkova

Singing teacher

The first seminar for teachers inspired me very positively for further pedagogical work. During the seminar, the lecturers explained, demonstrated and commented on the methods of teaching singing. During the open lessons, the students were professionally developed and educated, every detail was explained to them delicately and clearly. Lecturers Assoc. Roland and Lect. Aušra are high-level professionals, very creative, who provide pupils and students not only with knowledge, but also develop their talents. I am extremely grateful for the lectures and practical sessions.

Giedrė Černiūtė

Flute and singing teacher

Once again, I want to celebrate the well-organized, very productive and detailed courses “Erasmus+ project Innovative methodology for singing teachers”, module I “The human voice and its possibilities at different age stages”. Excellent professionals, teacher Rolandas Aidukas and lecturer Aušra Liutkutė!!! Best of luck in projects and concerts!!!

Eglė Bachovienė

Sincere thanks to Aušra Liutkute for the opportunity to participate together with her son Rok Bachov in the international Erasmus + project “Innovative methodology for singing teachers, the first module seminar “The human voice and its possibilities at different ages”, which took place in Vilnius, in the business center “Park Town”. It is very useful not only for teachers, singing children, but also for their parents. Thanks to Roland Aiduk for his professional advice and motivation to go further.